I just want to ask for an advice in buying my first tablet. I find the larger area is more comfortable to use than a small Intuos Pro and it has plenty of resolution to handle larger displays that your 13 inch laptop. Even though the LCD resolution is really high pixels , the actual work area is half of it pixels equivalent , so the medium tablets or even the small Intuos Pro have plenty of resolution for precise work. For colorizing images, I don’t think this is the best technique, tough. If you have to carry the tablet with you, wireless comes in handy and saves you from wearing the USB connector. The pen tracks just fine up to a couple of millimeters above the tablet surface. Sure enough should the power go out, you could always draw-by-candlelight!

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Don’t be disappointed by the size.

Refer to the sizing table above for some pointers. Can anyone point me to some resources for how to start enhancing paper drawings with Photoshop or whatever computer program.

My tablet’s still in good condition, so I’ll probably try buying a new pen too! I use an app called Sketch Club on my iPad and I draw pretty well on it. Erin May 11, at 5: Donna, the Bamboo Create, model Wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet, is the only model in the Bamboo line that has a medium sized working area wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet 8.

Make sure to check our camera recommendation tool.

Digital vs. drawing on paper

Those Wacom tablets do not wear fast and last for many years, so you can find an used one in good shape. Also can you explain the above chart, maybe this is a stupid question Like we all do not starring into monitors way to long already?

Also since I’ll be working primarily on a wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet screen unless I go buy a bigger monitor would waccom big tablet really matter tabpet personal preference?

Both of them has pressure levels and similar price. If you choose to buy a graphic tablet, invest in a Wacom model.

Hey Craig, wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet really good tips here and a very thorough point-by-point rundown of this post! A Wacom Bamboo Create would work fine with your laptop. Almost like a cheater. Does tilt allow you to make strokes that would not be possible without the feature or does it just make them feel more natural?

Something not too heavy, portable, and also has a screen on it so I can draw anywhere I want without always connecting to my laptop. I have been using one for 18 months, after upgrading from an Intuos4. wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet

How to choose the best Wacom pen tablet for your needs

However, the wacom site and google did not really help. If this is your husband’s first tablet and he uses a single display no bigger than 24″, buy the Bamboo Create. I’m working with a 17″ laptop and using it for digital painting, photoediting.

I used to do it the traditional way It’s more natural and productive. For colorizing images, I don’t think this is the wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet technique, tough.

Digital vs. drawing on paper – Comics for Beginners

This model has a surface area about the same size as medium Intuos. Id go see one but in Cincinnati there are none on display. It is an odd name but an amazing program and she will learn very fast and enjoy it a lot.

I’m still waiting for the tablet that I ordered on Amazon through Electrobrands cfl460 Fedex just lost the package And I am really happy with it. I think I’m looking at a Bamboo wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet right now maybe an older model since I’m on a budget but I wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet want a tablet.

Would the medium work? Needless to say, you’re review of Intuos4 vs Create is the most objective, in depth and up to date out there. D’Angelo Wallace May 4, at 3: In that case, the Create is a much more versatile model.

After one year of use, I see almost no wear on it and just a few hairline scratches, while my Intuos4 had very noticeable wear at about the same age. Thats far greather thanso from this view, wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet would be enough? Aacom, thanks for posting.

I wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet also wondering if pens are interchangeable or not Even if they don’t end up working in the creative field, it will be a lifetime joy and skill to have. The smaller ones require too little hand movement and that feels a little awkward to me. You can always buy a new pen and it’s not that expensive, but this may wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet the difference between an used and a brand new model.

At the end of the day, it feels much more natural and relaxed. Wacom ctl460 bamboo pen tablet it is also bigger and less portable. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I am thinking about buying a Capture so I can present and work through problems better than using a mouse to write. In the past I would draw with pencil, go over with pen, rub out the pencil, scan the drawing, and clean it up using the mouse.

Can you tell me why this might be happening? I think you’ll be fine with the small model. Before I tried it my slow movement lines where jitter. I’m not sure when the switch happened. Unfortunately the Bamboo tablet driver doesn’t have the more advanced display mapping properties of the Intuos line. I feel very, very relaxed just by filling large black areas with traditional ink.