Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. Nitro 4Hundo 3 years ago. Tony is the editor of MyGolfSpy where his job is to bring fresh and innovative content to the site. Quality is achieved through consistency maybe on the range instead of inside the vendor trailers? They both are for fitting only.

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Still loving my d2. Titleist is a company that thrives on subtle and systematic changes not total revolution.

Not the first time a D4 model was made…i know Titleist 907 d4 was a a D4 For tour usage only. Is that like hitting the same club over, and over because you trust it, but you carry 14 clubs? Also worth a mention, the D5 model that Adam Scott has been testing is apparently dead for now.


While Titleist is still fairly tight-lipped about the new offering, here’s what we’ve learned so far. I have been using the G25 for 18 months, very long and forgiving, nearly perfect.

Quality is achieved through consistency maybe on the range instead of inside the vendor trailers? Frank Cruz 3 years ago. Adam 3 years ago.

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The D4 is cc and the D5 is cc they are offered with custom shafts only. How far Titleist has swung to the other side with the D4 remains to be seen, but I suspect the D4 won’t prove to be dramatically different. While I titleist 907 d4 believe titleist 907 d4 it is all in the shaft, the Callaway is significantly longer than even the long R15 with the upgraded Motore shaft.

SkipThisAd 3 years ago. Mark 3 years ago.

AndyUK 3 years ago. It turned out to be more than 15 yards longer than my best shot with the G Just met with my Titleist Rep today. It’s reasonable to assume that, in general, the D4 will be well-received, however, there will no doubt be some who’ll be frustrated probably annoyed that Titleist chose not to release the D4 alongside the D2 and D3.

Nevertheless, the Titleist 907 d4 is a potentially titleist 907 d4 change of pace for Titleist, who, despite its reputation of being a brand for better players has continuously churned out some of the most forgiving drivers in all of golf. If you think about it, it’s not a huge leap from the Vokey Wedge Works model, and that’s worked out pretty for Titleist.

I spin everything a lot though, irons, wedges, you name it. Titleist 907 d4 Muscat 3 years ago.

Meaning if you are fitted with them or for them they are not offered publicly so to speak. That was in an 8. Feb 24, 32 Comments. These are for the players with obvious spin issues. Matt 3 years ago. So if you hit it high with high spin f4 consistently square contact a Titleist 907 d4 Fitting specialists in May and see what you think.

Titleist 907 d4 this d4 will help me.

Will be buying a nice putter instead. Scratch 3 years ago. GlenRob 3 years ago. They seem to be always catching up with titleist 907 d4 driver technology.

Titleist D4 Driver

I tried many different shafts with them and nothing got it low enough for me to consider it. It’s not that consumers don’t appreciate having options, but as a general rule we titleist 907 d4 that all of them be on the table at the time of purchase.

The Titleist D4 Driver available in 8. Now I have a 7. The feeling inside of Titleist is that if one of the best golfers in totleist world struggles to control it, it’s titleist 907 d4 not right for the average golfer.

Robert Dwyer 3 years ago. Thanks for the info!