And all seems to work fine so far 2 hours with multiple boots and tweeks. But when I rebooted, it went back to black screen, and changing drmkaud. Get in to the file manager and copy the above files to their respective locations on the hard drive from the memory stick. So I now have two working bootable drives. It booted into startup fix on its own and spent about 30 minutes there this time.

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Sony vgn-fz280e same problem occured to me when first intalled vista RTM and after installing SP1 this drivers installed again and freeze my pc at boot time. Imagburn can be found for FREE at http: It’s a clever little program which mimics CHKDSK and re-programs the drive to make it think that the drive has been checked and is ok.

They love to think it’s flaky hardware because it’s the easy fix. Sony vgn-fz280e restarted a few time now, and also hibernated a few times with no problems so far. When I presented both latops, they performed a manufacturer diagnostic routine that indicated a failed hard drive and controller sony vgn-fz280e on both systems.

Sony vgn-fz280e have any suggestions? After, I tried putting the stick of RAM back. It didn’t help or hurt as far as I can tell sony vgn-fz280e the disk repair option that seemed to help came up the second boot attempt afterwards.

Sunday, February 24, 5: See PJ for the 65 watt 3. I would like to see some sort sony vgn-fz280e counter continuously showing progress during the boot to vgn-dz280e me that the sequence is still in process. Pushing numlock did not make the num lock light go out, suggesting the machine had locked sony vgn-fz280e.

So I try “last good configuration”.

Windows sony vgn-fz280e fine and installed some new hardware I’m assuming that was the pccard module. How come the powers that be haven’t fixed sony vgn-fz280e yet? But so far the evidence does not point to a hardware problem.

I then did a boot log and tried to see the last thing to load. But The above solution may fix it for you. Sony vgn-fz280e booted sony vgn-fz280e with my diagnostics and drivers disk. Now I need to install the right driver and make it work without vgn-ffz280e my wireless connection.

Windows Vista 01 system won’t boot

I have tried the following: Another would be to keep a complete backup of the whole disk. Sunday, July 06, Maybe others might have better luck. Outlook stopped working because it couldn’t access the pst file due to security reasons!

It updated last night, Sony vgn-fz280e do believe Sunday, August 08, The “Dell expert” from India recommened a reformat. The DELL diagnostics ran but it would not even allow me sony vgn-fz280e reformat as long as the hard drive was in the sony vgn-fz280e. Has been working just fine since. Hopefully windows 7 is better.

You have a network? After a restart I got stuck at the crcsys and reboot. This may indicate that the system is low on virtual memory, sony vgn-fz280e that the memory manager has encountered an internal error. But it clearly isn’t a hardware issue.