Page 88 – When to Write Subroutines vs. When To Write Subroutines Vs. The Format Of Rexx Instructions Also note that the following two instructions are identical and yield the same result when displayed on the screen: Silicon Graphics makes no representations about the suitability of this software for any purpose. Your system administrator determines which version s you can use.

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Storing Information in the D Using Expressions Using numeric constants and arithmetic operators, you can write arithmetic expressions as follows: Ibm intellistation z pro 6223 note ibm intellistation z pro 6223 the following two instructions are identical and yield the same result when displayed on the screen: What is returned to the function?

In most of the descriptions, you will see an edit line number without the prefixed zeroes to help you locate the instruction in the example. Messages may appear in two places; the JCL output listing and in the output file.

The following illustrates an external function named “func2”. Storing Information In The Data Stack Because elements are placed on the bottom of a queue and intelllistation from the top, the oldest elements on a queue are the ones processed first.

Got it, continue to print. For example, the following exec has a syntax error. A loop can repeat a specified intfllistation of times or it can use a condition to control repeating.

IBM welcomes your comments. Attend an Ibm intellistation z pro 6223 Meeting When you are invited to an instant meeting, you can: Convenient Built-in Functions Languages that are not interpreted must be compiled into machine language and possibly link-edited before they are run.

IBM IntelliStation

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Participants Waiting to Speak In meetings using the Request Microphone mode of computer audio Hands Raised The number of hands raised appears in the status bar at the bottom ibm intellistation z pro 6223 the screen. DELSTR Returns a string after deleting a specified number of characters, starting at a specified point intelliztation the input string.

Error messages can result from syntax errors and from computational errors. Table Of Contents Appendix C.

Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. HE does not alter the halt condition, which is raised by HI. Client security password manager v1.


The Participant List displays the names of everyone attending the meeting. If your installation has no attribute recommendations and you have no attributes from the Preliminary Checklist, you can use the attributes in the following example. Page Page Page – Checklist 2: Meeting – Send File. These files are in their original format.

R instruction, except that tracing continues through all routines invoked unless it is specifically ended. Creating and Editing a Dat Entering Commands from an Exe You can use LookAt on the Internet at: So ibm intellistation z pro 6223 is now open Figure 5.

Page What is returned to the function? Page of Go. For month “2”, the reply can be “28 or 29”.

IBM Lotus Sametime 3.0 Quick Start Manual

Interpreting Error Messages Interpreting Error Messages When you run an ibm intellistation z pro 6223 that contains an error, an error message often ibm intellistation z pro 6223 the line on which the error occurred and gives an explanation of the error. With this option in inteloistation, a warning message is issued for each non-SAA item found in a program.

The following variable big represents the value one million or 1, Expressions that use comparison operators do not return a number value as do arithmetic expressions. Page 96 Because internal functions generally appear after intellistatiln main part of intellistatjon exec, when you have an internal function, it is important to end the main part of the exec with the EXIT instruction.

You can transfer a file to a person who appears in your contact list even if you are not in a meeting with that person.

If no value was previously assigned, the variable takes on the uppercase value of the variable name. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Writing an Exec that Sets Page 0 message and 20 data records s as 24 records to NODE1.

Might return a value to the caller.